Games Like Clash of Clans

Selection of IOS Games Very Similar to Clash of Clans

Large Printable Minecraft Creeper

Create your own Creeper with the FPSXGames papercraft templates.

Large Printable Minecraft Iron Sword

Create your own Minecraft sword with the FPSXGames printable templates.

FPSXGames Desktop Wallpapers

Selection of FPSXGames desktop wallpapers that have been done over the years.

Herobrine, The Printable Papercraft Character

Collection of Herobrine FPSXGames creative papercraft.

Planing A Minecraft Themed Party?

Would a collection of Minecraft party ideas help?.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Creative with the FPSXGames Minecraft Papercraft App

The only FREE Minecraft Papercraft app to offer small & large options for block & character templates, a large collection of printable masks, life size tools to create, colouring pages, Minecraft themed party ideas and much more.

Watch the Youtube video for a demonstration of the Minecraft papercraft app, also subscribe to stay up to date with all the FPSXGames videos.

All the FPSXGames papercraft templates available in one cool little app.

Features Include;

  • FREE Minecraft printable template.
  • The entire catalogue of FPSXGames Minecraft printable papercraft.
  • Printable colouring pages.
  • Selection of small and large blocks to print out and build.
  • Create your own Minecraft masks.
  • A great collection of printable Minecraft tools.
  • Selection of small and large characters to create.
  • Minecraft themed party ideas, banner creator, cake toppers, cards, decorations and more...

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IOS Games Like Boom Beach

Games Like Boom Beach
Games Like Boom Beach

Here's a cool little list of IOS games like Boom Beach.  Boom Beach is a mobile game by Supercell the creators of Clash of Clans and Hay Day.
In Boom Beach you play with thousands of other players, build and defend your base, save the innocent villagers and explore the unknown islands.

The screenshot below is my island in the game Boom Beach.

IOS games like Supercell Boom Beach
IOS games like Supercell Boom Beach

List of IOS Games Like Boom Beach