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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Collection of the best Minecraft cake recipes and ideas

Are your kids addicted to Mojang's popular Minecraft Game, are you in search of Minecraft Party Supplies and inspirational ideas to bake a cake?

I've decided to put together a sweet Minecraft cake collection, not only for the best recipes but for you to get some creative inspiration as well.
You will find Minecraft cake ideas, recipes and inspiration for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, Christmas or just any party in general.

Minecraft cake recipes and inspirational designs

Instructables Minecraft world cake by ohsewkaren
Easy to make and very popular at birthday partys

Recipe and instruction
Instrctables Minecraft world cake recipe and inspiration
Minecraft world cake recipe
Three tier Minecraft wedding cake with creeper bride and groom on top, using the in game cake design. Found at The Fondant Ribbon, sculpting custom cakes. (my personal favourite)
Minecraft creeper 3 tier wedding cake idea
Minecraft creeper wedding cake
Sweet YouTube videos on how to make a Minecraft birthday cakes.
I found this one very handy as the cake is already cut up into individual blocks with a choice of three parts.
Minecraft individual block cake recipe and idea
Mincraft individual block cake

Cupcake recipes and ideas

FREE papercraft printable Minecraft cupcake toppers and wrappers.
Minecraft cupcake and recipe idea
Minecraft cupcake idea 

Cake decorations

Minecraft papercraft printable cake decorations for Steve, herobrine, mob, creeper, zombie, golem, spider, pig, cow,Minecraft blocks and more.

More papercraft templates can be found here
Minecraft wood plank block papercraft cut out
Minecraft wood plank block
Papercraft cobble block print cut out template
Papercraft cobble block
Papercraft Minecraft Steve template
Papercraft Minecraft Steve
Printable papercraft creeper cut out
Printable creeper cutout
Minecraft printable cupcake toppings
Cupcake toppings 
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Have fun...

If you have any comments or ideas you would like to share, then please contact me or comment below.


  1. These are awesome! My son will be thrilled. A Gazillion thank yous for making this available :)

  2. My grandson is having a Minecraft Birthday Party and these printouts are just awesome! He will so surprised! Thanks so much for sharing! GREAT JOB!!!

    1. My pleasure and thanks for the great feedback. Have a great party. :)

  3. my son is having a gaming party with a game truck coming but these mine craft printouts will finish his cake. Thanks