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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free Life Sized Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Cut Out Papercraft Template

Being a big Minecraft fan myself I really wanted  my own life sized diamond pickaxe, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
You could buy a foam life sized pickaxe over at Jinx, but if you haven't got $32 spare then a free papercraft pickaxe printable template is the next best thing.
Why spend out and wait for it to be delivered when you can create your own life sized Minecraft diamond pickaxe using papercraft and have it the same day.

Animated gif of the life sized diamond pickaxe from FPSX Games
Minecraft life sized diamond pickaxe
create your own Minecraft life sized pickaxe
Life sized diamond pickaxe

Minecraft diamond papercraft template pickaxe cut out
Scale life sized Minecraft pickaxe
Free Minecraft pickaxe printable template papercraft
Free Minecraft pickaxe printable template

FPSXGames Free Papercraft Diamond Pickaxe Templates

The Minecraft life sized pickaxe template had to be spread over four sheets of A4, 297x210mm/ 11.7x8.3" printing paper because the template cut out just would not fit on 1 sheet of standard printing card.
Minecraft life sized diamond pickaxe printable papercraft template
Minecraft diamond pickaxe 1 of 4
Minecraft life sized diamond pickaxe template
Minecraft pickaxe template 2 of 4
Minecraft pickaxe stick printable papercraft template
Papercraft template pickaxe stick 3 of 4
Minecraft life sized diamond pickaxe printable papercraft template
Minecraft papercraft template 4 of 4

What to do...

Click template image to bring up new window then Right click and save all templates.  Print out all four life sized diamond pickaxe papercraft templates.  Its a good idea to use card when printing, I used A4 160 gsm card for the wood stick to give it a matt finish and inkjet photo paper for the diamond pick head for a glossy finish.

Carefully cut around the life sized pickaxe.  TAKE YOUR TIME and  DO NOT cut off the tabs on the sides of the Minecraft pickaxe, they are important!

Free Minecraft wood stick template
Free Minecraft wood stick template
Minecraft pickaxe template fold
Papercraft template fold
Fold all corners of your papercraft pickaxe cut-out template.  Tabs should always be folded inwards.
Glue or tape your Minecraft life sized pickaxe together using the tabs!
Diamond pickaxe template frame
Diamond pickaxe template frame
Image of the two completed template parts
Complete created template 
To finish glue the Minecraft stick and diamond head together.  The stick template can be used for other life sized Minecraft template projects which will follow shortly.  More FPSXGames papercraft

Special thanks to my wife for cutting, folding, gluing and hand modelling.

Enjoy and have fun.

Creative Commons Licence
Minecraft life sized pickaxe papercraft template by Steven Bear is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.