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Monday, March 11, 2013

Funny selection of 10 gaming jokes

Funny as hell selection of my favourite gamer jokes found from around the internet, this collection of funny meme images, comic strips and quotes text are some of the best gaming jokes that have tickled me.


Retro video games, why waste good technology on science and medicine
Retro gamer video games, funny gaming joke
Retro gamer video games
Only a gamer can truly appreciate a six pack on their index finger, 
plus they make great lovers.
True gamer finger make great lovers, funny gaming joke
Gamers make great lovers

Video games are healthy with two extra heart lives and all that...
Video game healthy with two extra heart lives
Video games and two extra heart lives
The infamous Minecraft creator Notch aka Markus Persson can also be funny as seen on Twitter.
Thanks for Minecraft BTW.
Notch Markus Persson funny gamer joke
Markus Persson cracks a funny
Are you unshaven and look like some kind of over weight ape?  
Did you know a hardcore gamer can go without food longer than any other mortal?  
Gamers can go without food longer
What mum really said "What a nice beautiful day out, don't stay in and play video games, go outside and play video games".
Nice beautiful day out, play video games, funny gaming joke
Get outside and game
If you noticed the PS (PlayStation) symbols first, then you sir are a fratizeo XD 
sexy gaming babe PS PlayStation symbols sexiest hot chick
Sexy babe getting gamers attention 
I don't want to grow up, still want to do mushrooms and veg
Mario mushrooms gaming drug
Just say "no" to Mario mushrooms gaming drug
Name that game.  Living proof of a cute Japanese gaming chicks.  
gamer girls sexy player funny gaming image
Girls game too, get out more
Dirty, dodgy ex gamer, Super Mario selling magic mushrooms on the street, funny image
Dirty dodgy Mario selling magic mushrooms funny image
Dodgy Mario mushrooms


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