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Monday, April 01, 2013

Large Minecraft Creeper free Papercraft printable template

In my previous post I created a Giant Papercraft Steve Template.  In that post I was ask if I could do a scale version of a Creeper to go with.  Here it is, and keep the requests coming.

The Creeper is 9 inches tall and banging awesome.

Minecraft creeper paper model
Large papercraft Creeper
Minecraft creeper printable papercraft template
Big Minecraft Creeper

 Minecraft Creeper printable papercraft templates

Papercraft template Minecraft Creeper
Papercraft Creeper template 1 of 4
Minecraft Creeper papercraft
Creeper body template 2 of 4
Template minecraft creeper template
Minecraft Creeper leg template 3 of 4
Minecraft Creeper leg template 4 of 4
Minecraft Creeper leg template 4 of 4

How to papercraft

Right click and save the template images as, print out the Minecraft Creeper paper model template. Its a good idea to use card when printing.  
I used A4 glossy photo paper but any normal card will do.

Minecraft creeper printable papercraft templates
Creeper printable templates
Carefully cut around the Creepers body parts. DO NOT cut off the tabs on the sides of the Minecraft Creeper templates, they are important!
Minecraft creeper papercraft template cut out
Minecraft Creeper cut out
Minecraft papercraft creeper template
Creeper paper model
Fold all corners of your papercraft Creeper.  Tabs should always be folded inwards.
Glue or tape your Minecraft Creeper cut-out tabs together.
Papercraft free template minecraft creeper
Creeper paper model
Have fun and enjoy.

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Template font found on by BadManos

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