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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Minecraft pig paper model template

FPSX Games next large Minecraft paper model is the pig.  This big and juicy porky pig is of ample size and great fun to create.  As always the papercraft templates are free to download and use in anyway you want.
Minecraft pig
Minecraft pig
The image below is the completed printable papercraft cutout Minecraft pig.  Some of you may notice that I have placed the head wrong.  Please use the image above for a reference.  The pig head should be two pixel above the body and the rear legs should be one pixel from the body.  Don't do what i did and glue all the body parts together without double checking the placement first.  Lesson learnt, please learn from my mistake.  Grumpy piggy.
papercraft minecraft pig printable template
Large printable papercraft pig

 Free large printable papercraft cutout templates.

Minecraft pig

Minecraft pig papercraft template head 1 of 3
Minecraft pig head printable template 1 of 3
Minecraft pig papercraft template body 2 of 3
Minecraft pig body printable template 2 of 3
Minecraft pig papercraft template legs 3 of 3
Minecraft pig legs printable template 3 of 3

How to papercraft

Right click and save the printable template images.  Print out the Minecraft pig paper model templates.
Its a good idea to use card when printing.  I used A4 glossy photo paper but any normal card will do.
minecraft papercraft printable template cutouts
Minecraft printable cutout pig
Carefully cut around the pig body parts.  DO NOT cut off the tabs on the sides of the Minecraft pig templates, they are important!
Printable minecraft pig papercraft cutout
Minecraft pig cutout
Fold all corners of your papercraft pig.  Tabs should always be folded inwards.
Papercraft pig folded template
Minecraft pig fold
Glue or tape your Minecraft pig cut-out tabs together.
Individual minecraft pig body parts
Individual minecraft pig body part
Enjoy and have fun.