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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colored MOTD for your Minecraft server

I recently added some colors to my Minecraft server (message of the day) aka MOTD and thought I would share how to do this.

My MOTD code:
FPSXGames Minecraft server MOTD image.
Colored MOTD Minecraft server
Colored MOTD

Simply pick a color from the list below and place the color code in front of your message of the day.  

For more than one color please refer to the example code above.

Color code;

\u00A70 = Black
\u00A71 = Dark Blue
\u00A72 = Dark Green
\u00A73 = Dark Cyan
\u00A74 = Dark Red
\u00A75 = Purple
\u00A76 = Orange
\u00A77 = Light Grey
\u00A78 = Dark Grey
\u00A79 = Lilic
\u00A7a = Light Green
\u00A7b = Light Cyan
\u00A7c = Light Red
\u00A7d = Pink
\u00A7e = Yellow
\u00A7f = White

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