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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five similar sandbox games like Minecraft

Here is my list of alternative sandbox games like Mojang's indie game Minecraft.  There are many clones of Mojang's infamous game Minecraft (paid and free) and this is a selection of five that I consider to be the next best thing.

Minetest (PC Free)

Looks like Minecraft, feels like Minecraft and free unlike Minecraft.
Minetest is a great alternative to Minecraft thats been around since 2010 and not only is it free, it runs on old computers that normally could not handle Minecraft making it simple, stable and portable.
Basically its a clone of Minecraft!
Minetest great alternative sandbox game like Minecraft
Minetest sandbox game
Minetest like Minecraft sandbox game
Minetest church build
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download MineTest 0.4.6 Installer beta

Manic Digger (PC Free)

Manic digger is another great alternative to Minecraft but without most of the features.  Most Minecraft fans don't like it due to having a very similar gameplay but in my opinion you can't really argue with that fact that it is free.
Manic Digger creative castle build
Manic Digger creative castle build
Download the latest version of Manic Digger

BlockLand (PC $19.95)

BlockLand is a lego style sandbox game that offers many fun adventures and mini games to keep you interested.  Not really focused on mining for materials compared to Minecraft but more of a creative sandbox game.  
The physics engine is just great fun if you like to destroy your creations.

Blockland sandbox game like Minecraft
Blockland forest path
sandbox games like minecraft blockland
Blockland city build
Download BlockLand Demo

Mythruna (PC Free)

Still in development but still playable, Mythruna is focusing on the role playing element of the game and is truly worthy to be part of my top five alternatives .

Mythruna landscape sandbox game like Minecraft
Mythruna landscape 
Mythruna download page

ROBLOX (PC, Browser, Free)

Roblox is very much a creative, social, sandbox game with players sharing anything and everything.   So chances are you'll find something that suits you with loads of options to keep you busy, you can find FPS, RPG, racing games and much more.

Roblox island lighthouse sandbox game like Minecraft
ROBLOX island
Roblox tall ship sandbox game like Minecraft
ROBLOX tall ships

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