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Monday, May 20, 2013

FPSX Games Minecraft server progress update

Just a little update to keep you all informed about what going down on our Minecraft server.  It's been almost 2 weeks since we've started the server and things are going great.
We've got regular users and a friendly team of staff. 


Owner: FPSXGames
Head Admin: 1MinecraftLord1
Op: MarJamJak
Op: Tuffy68
Op: le_night_stalker

Still working on tweaking the server plugins, permissions etc... But we're having some great laughs and building some amazing stuff, special thank to Hexxer_dark who is a epic builder.

So what does the server have to offer?

Survival, PVP, multi world, role play, creative building, parkour, chestshop, color me, factions, world edit, all kinds of arenas, grief log, most essentials, region protect, citizens and just loads more. 

Minecraft Zombie pit parkour challenge
Zombie pit parkour challenge 
Fawlty Towers hotel minecraft server
Fawlty Towers hotel
FPSXGames Minecraft server spawn
FPSXGames Minecraft server
FPSXGames Minecraft server docks
FPSXGames server docks
Parkour Super Mario Minecraft platform game
Parkour Super Mario platform game
minecraft docks
Minecraft docks
Minecraft sand castle
Minecraft sand castle
Minecraft parkour pyramid creeper game
Minecraft parkour pyramid creeper game
Minecraft pyramid
Minecraft pyramid
Minecraft paulsoaresjr
Minecraft Mob
Minecraft Mob
Why not pop on and say hello?

Server information

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  1. Hi Guys this is 1MinecraftLord1
    If you want to apply enter information like your age why you should be moderator what you can do for this server your minecraft experience etc. ok thanks be sure to check out this great server xD