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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to create your own Minecraft Creeper head mask

Yep even more Minecraft craft ideas from FPSXGames;  and this time its a creeper full sized head!
Create your own Minecraft creeper head and wear it as a mask with this free printable papercraft template.
Printable papercraft template mask minecraft creeper head
Printable Minecraft Creeper head
printable minecraft creeper mask
Creeper mask
Use the Minecraft Steve head post to learn how the templates go together.

This unofficial printable Minecraft Creeper head is of Mojang specification.  The font used on the Minecraft Creeper printable template was found on dafont by 8Byte Studios.

Don't want to print out and make your own Minecraft Creeper head?  You could always buy the official Minecraft Steve head over at Jinx.