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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Creative pixel art Megaman building ideas

Need Minecraft game mode 2D creative building ideas?  Try this Megaman template collection I've put together.

Use the helpful grid system below each Megaman pose as a reference to show you the block placement number.
megaman pixel art minecraft building ideas
Megaman Minecraft building idea
Megaman pixel art
megaman minecraft building ideas
Megaman shooter
Megaman pixel art building ideas

Fancy a challenge with some different Megaman poses?   Download the sprite image below and zoom in
megaman sprite set pixel art
Megaman sprite
Using one of the sprite images above I spent about 30 min on my Minecraft server creating this cool Megaman pixel art.  Want to see what other cool stuff FPSX Games Minecraft server has?  Join at;
Creative pixel art Megaman building ideas on fpsxgames server
Megaman building idea
So fire up creative mode in Minecraft or any other sandbox game and do some pixel art of Megaman.

Have fun. 

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