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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to use smileys in Clash of Clans chat

Being a big fan of Clash of Clans I wanted to stand out from my clan members when it came to chat and troop request.

Here is a cool simple way to add a large variety of smileys to your iPad iPod or iPhone for use in social game chat like Clash of Clans.  Please note that this method of using smileys works on all text related apps on your iPad, iPod or iPhone and is a must have feature, in fact I'm not even sure why this is not a default factory setting.

Clash of Clans chat smileys
Clash of Clans chat smileys

How to add smileys to your iPad keyboard!

Go to settings > general > keyboard
Turning on keyboard smileys
Turning on smileys
Then go into keyboards...
Keyboard smiley settings
Keyboard smiley settings
Now add new keyboard...

Adding new smiley keyboard
Add new smiley keyboard
Scroll down to find Emoji and tap to add.

Emoji smiley keyboard
Emoji smiley keyboard
Thats it, you now have smileys added to your keypad.  
To use just bring up your onscreen keypad and tap the button marked in image below.

Adding smileys to Clash of Clans chat
Adding smileys to Clash of Clans chat
Have fun and I'll clash your clan later.
gamer smiley
Gamer smiley

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