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Friday, August 23, 2013

Create a Large Papercraft Herobrine Character

Herobrine is a community made (creepy story) character that has never actually been in the game Minecraft.  Never the less Herobrine is just as popular as Steve the main character and the infamous Creeper.  Herobrine uses the same skin as Steve, however Herobrine has bright white eyes that glow in the dark.

It was requested that I did a large papercraft model of Herobrine for you guys n girls to create.  Using the large Minecraft Steve template I managed to sort Herobrine out in no time at all.

How to make a large papercraft Herobrine character.

First printout all four templates below.
Taking your time cut all Herobrine parts out.
Fold all tabs and guidelines.
Glue all individual parts together.
Finish by glueing the head, limbs to the body.  Idea: head could be turned left or right, you could make Herobrine look like he's walking.

Herobrine large papercraft templates.

Large printable Herobrine papercraft template
Large printable Herobrine papercraft template
Minecraft Herobrine paper model
Minecraft Herobrine paper model
Minecraft Herobrine papercraft template
Herobrine papercraft
Minecraft Herobrine printable template character
Minecraft Herobrine printable template character 
If you need any help or have any more Minecraft requests then please comment below, thanks.

Enjoy and have fun...


  1. Actually, I went on the Mojang site a few days ago, it said on the 1.7 update that they removed Herobrine. But nevertheless, an awesome template!

    1. There has been a smaller scale of the herobrine template

    2. It's not true. me and my friend have seen a few sightings of him and he blew up her house.