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Monday, October 14, 2013

Create a Herobrine Printable Mask

Another printable Minecraft character head to go with the Minecraft cosplay mask collection.

FPSXGames Minecraft Mask Collection 


Printable Herobrine Templates

How to:  Left click the Herobrine templates to bring up the full size image.  Right click and save as.  
Printout the Herobrine templates using good quality card or photo paper.
Cut out, fold and glue.  Be sure to cut a small square within the whites of the eyes.  (So you can see!)
For more help creating your own Minecraft Herobrine mask please refer to the YouTube tutorial
Printable Minecraft Herobrine mask 1 of 5
Printable Minecraft Herobrine mask 1 of 5

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Larger Scale Minecraft Printable Block Collection

The majority of us are limited to A4, 210 by 297 millimeter printers witch is not so big when it comes to creating large papercraft.  But if the template you're using is manage better and not just one solid object with lots of blank paper space, then not only will you get a larger result but it should be easier to build and understand.

I've re-done some of the most popular Minecraft block templates to get the largest possible size with one sheet, giving you very little paper wastage and great over size results.
Large printable crafting table block
Large printable crafting table

Large Scale Minecraft Block Templates.