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Monday, February 17, 2014

FPSXGames Minecraft Comic - Steve Build Layers

Decided to try my hand at some more Minecraft comic fan art.
Minecraft comic fan art, Steve building layers
Minecraft comic fan art, build layers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Best Alternative Games Like Flappy Bird

If you're a fan of the frustrating game Flappy Bird, you may have heard that it's creator Dong Nguyen has remove his popular game due to it being incredibly addictive.

If you're one of the unlucky ones who didn't download when available, you're in luck.  There are now loads and loads of clones or similar games like Flappy Bird, but witch are the safest and best out there?
Games just like Flappy Bird
Games just like Flappy Bird

Five Games Like Flappy Bird

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Minecraft Steve & the Golden Creeper Skull - HTML5 Games

Check out my new HTML5 game I've created, compatible with touch devices "Minecraft Steve and the Golden Creeper Skull"

The adventure starts here!  Play as Steve, a guy who loves to collect ancient artefacts.  Steve has to collect 8 gold Creeper skulls that are surrounded by traps, and what’s worse, he has to out run a gigantic round rock that he never thought existed in Minecraft until now! 
Minecraft Steve Gold Creeper Skull
Minecraft Steve & the Golden Creeper Skull
Minecraft Steve & the Golden Creeper Skull is a fun game with excellent hand drawn graphics, and 8 levels that increase in difficulty.

Flappy Bird Best Score

If you've been playing the new addictive game Flappy Bird and haven't gone insane or broken your mobile device yet, you've probably become very competitive like myself?
Flappy Bird best score
Flappy Bird best score
The game Flappy Bird was created by the guys over at .Gears Studios, they are heavily influenced by retro pixelated games that can be picked up and played within minutes.
Currently Flappy Bird is number one in the iTunes UK charts, and they also have the number two slot with Super Ball Juggling.

So what's your best score in Flappy Bird, let me know below.