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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Custom Paint Job on a N7 Strongarm NERF Gun

I recently decided to get stuck into a couple of cool projects, one of these projects is to do a range of custom NERF guns.  I've seen loads of cool custom NERF gun project online, especially on Etsy and thought to myself "I could do that", so I did.

Here's my first attempt on doing a custom NERF gun.  I used a Strongarm NERF as it looked pretty simple to take apart and reassemble.  Nothing too ambitious.

I decided at a later stage to add the Mass Effect code N7, just because lots of others did, plus it looks awesome!
FPSXGames first custom paint job on a Strongarm NERF gun
Custom Strongarm NERF gun with N7 code

How to Give a Strongarm NERF Gun a Custom Paint Job

Firstly, I disassembled the gun, be sure to keep the screws, springs and smaller parts in a safe place, I use the lid from the spray paint can.  Next I gave the main parts a good sanding.
Disassembled and prepped Strongarm NERF gun
Disassembled and prepped Strongarm NERF gun 
Once I was happy with the sanding prep I gave the NERF gun a grey primer coat, once that was dried I then gave it two coats of light matt brass brown color.  Using Met 11 enamel paint I did a technique called drybrush, giving the gun a brushed metal look.  Personally I think the colors worked out well, giving it that futuristic, light weight alloy look.{subid}&url=hitlist.asp?theme=Star+Wars
 I also added some small detail to the N-Strike Elite insignia plus I added the Mass Effect N7 logo!

NERF Strongarm custom paint job
NERF Strongarm custom paint job
Once I was happy with the paint job I simply put it all back together.
For my first attempt at such a project I didn't want to go OTT, hence the basic paint job and blog post.
Inside a custom Strongarm NERF gun
The inside of a NERF Strongarm
Let me know what you think guys, like I said at the start I plan to do a range of custom NERF guns and any pointers would be welcomed, but please remember this is my first attempt so be gentle! 

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