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Monday, September 29, 2014

How I Created a Clash of Clans Barbarian Sword

How I created a Clash of Clans barbarian sword
How to make a Clash of Clans barbarian sword
I'm a big fan of the awesome mobile game Clash of Clans by Supercell, so naturally I was going to create something CoC related.  My first project was to make my own barbarian sword and this is how I did it....

Make your own Clash of Clans barbarian sword

Materials needed; 12" by 24" of MDF (1cm thick), acrylic paint, sandpaper, PVA glue and a brown leather strap of some kind, I used an old (not so) leather handbag strap!

I did a couple of sketches of the sword from some reference images I found online.  Once I was happy with my barbarian sword sketch I then drew out the design on some MDF.

Using a jigsaw (this is a job for an adult) and a scroll saw I carefully cutout the sword outline, paying particular care not to take off any fingers!  I then gave all the barbarian sword parts a good sanding around the rough edges.

Now with all the hilt parts I mounted the cross guard and pommel using PVA glue and a couple of clamps as seen in image below.  Now dried and clamps removed, I then sanded the cross guard making it seamless, I also gave the pommel a curved shape.

The next job was to prime the sword ready for the final paint job.  I used white acrylic as a primer and once dried I gave it a light sanding.  I then mixed two shades of grey for the swords blade.  This was done in two stages; lighter shade first (dried), then the darker which was marked out with masking tape.
The yellow for the cross guard and pommel was next, I tried to match the same color as the infamous Clash of Clans barbarians bullbar moustache.

Lastly was the hilt handle and luckily my wife kindly let me have a old handbag strap she had lying around.  Starting from the bottom I stapled one end and wrapped around then stapled again once I got to the top.

That's it.
Make your own Clash of Clans barbarian sword
I created a CoC barbarian sword
The YouTube video below will show you how I created my own Clash of Clans barbarian sword in easy to follow steps.

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