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Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Mini Wooden Minecraft Chest

With one of my regular visits to my local craft shop, I came across a small plain wooden box (treasure chest), and of course I immediately seen the potential in making a mini (double) Minecraft themed chest, and having it pre-made was a great headstart as my woodworking skills aren't the best!
The real awesome thing about the chest was it only cost me £1.50, result!

Small plain wooden chest
My mini wooden Minecraft chest
My mini wooden Minecraft chest

How I Made a Mini Wooden Minecraft Chest

I removed the lock and filled the screw holes in with a little wood filler, I also unscrewed the hinges, removing the lid.

I gave the base and lid a sanding to get rid of any rough edges.

Using a spare piece of MDF, I created that little block lock.

Next I mixed up some acrylic paint, first I applied the wood colour all over the base and lid, and then worked on the gray lock. 

Once dried I applied some masking tape to mark out the darker lines around the edge and painted.  I also painted the inside.

How I created a small wooden Minecraft chest
How I created a small wooden Minecraft chest
Once dried I remove the tape and decided to give all the parts another sanding, giving the chest that rustic look.

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Using PVA glue I attached the gray lock to the lid, once that was dried I finished up by attaching the lid to the base with the hinges.

That's it, I now have a cool little wooden Minecraft chest of my own, try it yourself!

I also offer a large printable Minecraft chest to try and create 

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