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Friday, April 03, 2015

Clash of Clans Witches Staff Prop

Here's how I created a Clash of Clans witches staff prop.  The witch uses her goat skull staff to summons skeletons and it looks awesome.

This prop would be great to make if' you're planning a Clash of Clans cosplay or just want to summons skeletons.

Materials needed; Card, masking tape, news paper, PVA glue, clear lacquer spray, acrylic paint and a permanent marker pen.

How to start; I went online and found some reference images like the one below.  I did some concept drawings.
Witches skeletons from Clash of Clans
Witch and her skeletons from Clash of Clans
How to make; With my reference image and drawings I built the main structure of the head out of cardboard and tape, cheek bones, eye sockets, horns and mounting hole for the stick.

Once happy with the cardboard frame I did layers of paper mache paying particular attention to horns and mounting hole at the back.

When I was happy with the strength and shape of the skull and horns, I left overnight to fully dry.

I then primed it using normal white acrylic and started the main paint job, once that was dry I use a permanent marker pen  for smaller detail and finished with clear spray lacquer.

Clash of Clans witches staff cosplay prop
Clash of Clans witches staff cosplay prop

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