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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Making a Mini Wooden Minecraft Chest

Here's a cheap simple way to making your own mini wooden Minecraft chest with no woodwork skills.

Making a mini wooden Minecraft chest from a craft box
Mini wooden Minecraft chest
I recently went my local craft shop and came across this mini wooden box.

Mini wooden Minecraft chest from craft box
Mini wooden craft box
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I removed all the hardware, feet, lock and hinges.

Using acrylic, I painted the outside a beige color and the inside a dark gray.

Minecraft chest paint job
Mini Minecraft craft box paint job
I then cut a little block out of MDF and painted it light gray for the chest lock and attached using superglue.

I reassembled the hinges and did the dark brown outline using a marker pen.

Mini wooden Minecraft chest
Mini Wooden Minecraft chest
Check out the YouTube video showing you how to make your own mini wooden Minecraft chest.

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